Sorry I’ve been away, this is what I’ve been doing…

by Sophia Harvey

Hi all,

I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting this space for so long. But I’m not THAT sorry because I’ve been busy working on some exciting stuff. I took a job editing a documentary and it has been an enlightening experience. The project is about a sensational woman named Michele DeMeo. She is 38 and is afflicted with ALS, Melanoma, and Aspergers. She is a sterile processing expert, despite having dropped out of school at 15. She is an artist and a writer and she is madly in love with her wife, Johann. The film, LOVE, LOSS & LIFE, is an exploration of her enormous struggle and how she greets each day with determination, happiness and love. There is a 30 minute preview out now (the screening was tonight) and the feature is due out in May. Check out the website!