I’m Making a Film

by Sophia Harvey

Hello all,

I’m in the thick of pre-production right now with my latest film, Flowers with a Smile. We’re fundraising and getting materials together and doing everything we can to make it as good as it can be.

It is a love story between two people who cannot love and the turmoil that results from deep obsession. Elena, entranced by all things beautiful, falls in love with Marcus, the handsome and highly narcissistic ticket-taker at a local boardwalk house of mirrors. Over the span of their relationship, Elena is increasingly neglected as Marcus becomes ever obsessed with finding the perfect reflection. Ultimately, Marcus is defeated by his obsession while Elena learns to speak for herself for the first time.

Flowers with a Smile is based off of the Greek myth of Echo & Narcissus.

Flowers with a Smile Poster

I’ll be posting updates here as well as on our website, Facebook, Twitter and Indiegogo. Please check out our other pages and thank you for all the continued support from this wonderful community.