Playing With Sounds

by Sophia Harvey

In the trees, where they play and winds dance colorful,

Owls muse, and consider, and wax philosophical

The sun, on the water, skips stones algebraical,

And the moon and the day fiddle semi-symmetrical.


Laughter, it echoes and bounces so quizzical,

And ants, they commune and command allegorical.


While the sputtering sparrow serenades bombastical

Mushrooms gather, and mutter nonsensical,

And the moss, it shimmers an aura cosmological.


Arrows in the sky, they guide lethargical;

But for pathless nobodies, it’s a fact noncritical. 


Berries and nuts serve oft gastronomical,

And sometimes the alligator croons quite lyrical,

Though ne’r do his tunes prove wholly lexical

(His parlance quite often seeming most typical)

But the fish say nothing, in an act so hospitable,


In the night it’s all dance and hunt illogical,

In this circus of nature, a world so fantastical.


Sophia Harvey Animation

A poem written and applied to a strange animated experience.