Sophia Harvey is a writer and filmmaker living in NYC. She was raised in a small town in Connecticut and blames the endless boredom of sprawling fields and soccer moms for cultivating her imagination. By day, Sophia works as the Production Coordinator and editor at GKIDS, an internationally acclaimed art house animation distribution company that has 7 Academy Award nominations in the Animated Feature category, second only to Disney.

At a distribution company, the title production coordinator can mean many things.  For GKIDS, Sophia handles all video asset delivery to theaters and home video partners. She edits film trailers and video clips. When distributing foreign language films, Sophia aids in the English script writing and English dub production.

In high school, Sophia was already receiving awards and scholarships for her films, screenplays, poems and prose. While attending NYU Tisch School of the Arts for Film & Television Production, she continued to hone her crafts. Sophia worked as a writer’s assistant to widely published and esteemed writer (and former film critic for the New Yorker) Daphne Merkin, providing editorial feedback on all works. She also became involved with side projects in freelance video editing and film criticism.

After graduating NYU in 2014, Sophia became a director’s assistant to Steven Shainberg, director of “Secretary” starring Maggie Gyllenhaal. Around the same time, Sophia also ventured into the world of film festival programming. With Take Two Film Festival, she became head programmer for the 2015 event.

“Yellow Heart,” Sophia’s latest film, is making the film festival circuit and has screened at Cannes Film Festival and NewFilmmakers, NY.

In story, she looks to reconcile the truths of our waking hearts and the truths of dreams. She is a Film & TV staff writer for StageBuddy.com, and has been published on theREVELERNYC, AgoraGallery.com, in CRETUS magazine, ISO Magazine, and Echoes Literary Magazine. In her free time, she enjoys yoga and fantasizes of one day traveling the world by train.

To learn more: sophiaharveyfilms.com

To see (other) writing: StageBuddy.com